Basic Tattoo Online Course

Basics of Tattooing ( Online Course)

Ink Your Passion: Learn the Basics Online

About the course

Welcome to the basic tattoo online course, in this course you will learn all the basics including

  • What Tattoo Equipment to Buy
  • What is Light, Shadow and Contrast
  • Tattoo Machine & Needle Configuration Knowledge
  • Tattoo Design & Placement
  • Photoshop Basics
  • How to set up a Workstation & Hygiene 
  • How to make a Tattoo Stencil
  • How to apply the Stencil & Placement
  • How to do Lining
  • How to do Shading
  • How to do Color Packing
  • Aftercare & Healing Tips


  • Certificate
  • Photography
  • Marketing
  • Direct 30 Mins Video Call


Learn from an expert

Jane Doe is a linguist with 12 years of experience and certification in Italian, Spanish and French. She holds a teaching license from The National Teaching Institute, India.

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